Rights in people’s life is our daily activity.

Our Law Firm has got many years of experience in Civil Law, Criminal and Town-building Law, Administrative and Labour Law.

I’ve been dealing with law-cases for over 30 years and law-cases are people for me. Law is an attitude: if seeked, every solution is easy.
Luigi Antonio, Founder & Partner Lawyer



Internationality is our actual calling, mostly due to our story and location. We are expert in International Private Law and UE Law and we provide judicial and extra-judicial legal assistance in English and German as well as certified translations of notarial deeds from German and English into Italian and viceversa. Annamaria Miragliuolo, our Partner Lawyer, just like her sister Sabrina, is both an Italian and Swiss citizen and she is officially included in the list of German speaking Lawyers accredited to the German Embassy in Rome.

Everyday we run, meet people, speak different languages, but what really characterises our activity is strength, determination, enthusiasm and the respect of each other.
Annamaria, Partner Lawyer


Further fields.

We also deal with Tax Law and Sport Law. We have got particular expertise in the field of liability of public authorities for things in custody.


Multidisciplinary approach.

The Law Firm benefits from appropriate communication and IT-experts and, according to the needs, also from experts of further sectors.