Sabrina was born in Bern on June, 19th 1986. She is both a Swiss and Italian citizen.
She graduated in Law at Naples University Federico II in 2016.

She provides judicial and extra-judicial legal assistance in English and German too and is able to provide certified translations of notarial deeds from German and English into Italian and viceversa.

In the Law Firm she mostly deals with office work, case-law and legal writing researches, drafts of legal advices and sketches of legal acts. She is very sensitive to the dialogue with clients, to reception and to the visual aspects of communications, also thanks to her previous job experiences as Hotel Revenue Manager and Visual Merchandiser.

She has got excellent IT-competences (Windows XP, Vista, 7; Mac OS X Mavericks; DOS; Office; Word, Excel, Power Point; Chrome; Internet Explorer; Easynota; NIR. Excellent knowledge of the Telematic Civil Lawsuit).