Annamaria was born in Bern on November 17th, 1983. She is both a Swiss and Italian citizen.
She has been member of the Board of the Neapolitan Bar Association of Lawyers since January 2016.

She deals with Criminal and Town-planning Law (defence of the accused and of plaintiffs, appeals, complaints against the dismantling of abusive buildings); Civil Law (property; possession; obligations; contractual liability; extra-contractual liability; precontractual responsibility; inheritance; separations; divorces and adoptions); Labour Law (legal advice and defence of private and public employees and employers); Tax Law (actions in front of the Commissione Tributaria Provinciale and Regionale); International Private Law and EU Law. Particular expertise in the field of liability of public authorities for things in custody.

She provides judicial and extra-judicial legal assistance in English and German too and provides certified translations of notarial deeds from German and English into Italian and viceversa.

She is officially included in the list of German speaking Lawyers accredited to the German Embassy in Rome. Annamaria is a native Italian and German (standard German and Swiss-German) speaker. Furthermore, she speaks fluent English.

Remarkable oratorical and training abilities; excellent IT-competences (Windows XP, Vista, 7; Mac OS X Mavericks; DOS; Office; Word, Excel, Power Point; Chrome; Internet Explorer; Easynota; NIR. Excellent knowledge of the Telematic Civil Lawsuit).

In addition to her innate passion for law, she loves classical and modern literatures, languages and cultures, art and cooking.